BridgeMail System'stm  integrated application and infrastructure security goes well beyond basic perimeter security.  While Firewalls work to prevent hackers and  Intrusion Detection Systems warn about suspicious behavior, the innerGaurdTM  Application Security Platform  provides our customers with a critical added layer of internal security to ensure against abuse by authorized users as it streamlines workflows.

Our security implementation is based on decades of combined experience designing and securing electronic content distribution channels for companies such as Rockwell, Hewlett Packard, Dell Computer, Intel, and Perot Systems.

Customers automatically receive a robust set  of infrastructure security features as provided by cerebit as part of our base product.  These include:

Access via Password & Digital Certificate
The BridgeMail System offers mutli-tiered access for system users.  Based on administrator settings, the security feature grants full privilege access to users when digital certificate is present and truncated-access when a digital certificate is not.

  • Example: A user with rights to lists, campaigns, and reports may access these areas at their office PC, but may only access reports when they are accessing the system from a public Internet terminal.

User Privilege Controls & System-Wide Activity Reports
Administrators easily set user privilege controls for accounts and users. This feature offers complete control over who can share, view, modify, or add information to system data.

  • Example: An administrator may limit a marketing agency's access to posting content, graphics, and reporting. 

Activity reports are logged and organized to allow convenient sub-account and user activity reviews at the corporate level.

Security Over the Internet
BridgeMail System employs industry-standard, 56-bit Secure Socket Layers (SSL) protocol to ensure your information is neither intercepted nor corrupted during transmission over the Internet.  128-bit SSL is also available.

Secure Infrastructure
To assure continued service, data integrity, and customer confidence, we've equipped our infrastructure with:

  • 24x7x365 security, including trained personnel, video surveillance, and alarms, to prevent physical breaches
  • daily back-ups of all information stored on BridgeMail System to prevent data loss
  • uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and multiple back-up generators in case of power outage
  • thoroughly tested intrusion detection software and hardware to stop unauthorized access attempts and other suspicious activity
  • the most advanced firewall software available to prevent “spoofing”
  • smoke detection and fire suppression systems

In case of natural disaster, we have a second and separate data center that redundantly protects and stores all customer information and assets.

Over the years, Makesbridge Technology has adopted strict guidelines and practices so that your private information stays that way. Not even Makesbridge Technology personnel are allowed to access the information contained within your databases without your express permission.

Security & Integration Consulting

BridgeMail System has partnered with FourthHouse Security to manage security and integration with your other software applications - such as CRM tools, contact management, and web publishing tools.


Email Data Security & Integration Consulting

BridgeMail System has partnered with Cerebit  to offer email data security and systems integration consulting.







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