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The BridgeMail System saves time, money, and relationships by making it simple to manage your corporate-wide email marketing operations.  The system is a hosted platform consisting of a tightly integrated suite of software applications that instantly turns direct email communications into a core competency for our customers.  No other direct email communication tool offers the publishing, data management, reporting, analysis, security, and workgroup management of BridgeMail Systems.

The platform is built on J2EE technology to provide our customers with a reliably strong enterprise grade solution that can conform to existing business processes, adapt to strategic changes, and integrate with legacy databases. 

Our customers use BridgeMail System to:

  • Remove chaos, redundancy, administrative burdens, and waste with simple html email publishing tools & multiple account set ups.

  • Publish high quality, consistent  html messages in less than 20 minutes.

  • Capture respondents' response and demographic data to build upon user profiles and construct predictive models.

  • Measure product acceptance by demographic profile.

  • Manage list and campaign data across all users and work groups.

  • Aid in decision making about product marketing and e-communications strategies

  • Set up work groups across the enterprise, partners, vendors, and customers.

  • Enforce business rules related to direct email communications.




 View BridgeMail System Features .pdf



Anytime Anywhere Access

Workgoup Management & Collaboration

Central Security Controls

Central List Management

Central Campaign Management

Corporate-Wide Reporting & Analytics


Forms & Surveys

Our web based application allows users to access their work anytime from anywhere.  Team members in different locations can make contributions at any hour without compromise to data security or danger to overwriting others' work.

Our menu driven data sharing and privilege controls allow group administrators to easily add internal and external players to eliminate workgroups' task redundancy and ensure team members are working with the most up-to-date materials and list data.

Custom roles can be created to allow specific access rights to players in order to emulate your business processes and security policies in an easily managed online environment.

Use this feature to allow collaboration between different  functional areas, remote users, and external players. Your result will be process and cost optimization.

More on Workgroup Management

The system provides digital certificating, activity logs, event-triggered email notifications, and multi-tiered access to tighten security as it distributes access to data and work areas across and outside of the enterprise. 

Our centralized privilege and multi-level access controls give our customers the confidence they need to extricate themselves from technology and process redundancies associated with legacy control systems.

More on security

Lists are managed, maintained, and shared via your central data hub to ensure  response data from all company campaigns, uploads, and hygiene scrubs are propagated to all list users in real-time.  This feature also allows List Managers to enforce business rules by toggling access to shared lists.

No more "Oh my gosh, do I have the latest list and user data?  Users are always assured they're working with list data that is current to that moment in time.

Standard List Management Features include:

  • Custom field layouts

  • .txt, .csv and ODBC upload

  • Unsubscribe handling and reporting

  • List deduplication

  • Bad address reporting

  • Bounce reports, export, and deletions

  • Removes

  • File appends

  • List Sharing & Access Controls

  • Segmentation by Demographics, Response History, Recency & Frequency, and Open counts.

  • Export user lists by Response Activity,  List Name, and Bounce type.

  • View frequency of transmissions to lists.

  • Opt-in acquisition forms and subscriber confirmation web pages.

Central campaign management allows administrators and executive management to view the content and results of campaigns across the company.  In addition, administrators may share campaign creative with channel partners, vendors, customers, and other work groups. This means alterations to message content may be propagated immediately to all system users.

Management can view real-time response data across all campaigns by calendar month or 30-Day date range.  Managers use this feature to quickly see what demographics are most responsive to product offers, which lists perform the best, conduct offer tests, and measure the effects of message frequency on response.  In turn, managers can make intelligent decisions on a variety of critical issues such as: validity of target markets, list procurement, product features, and contact frequency.

Standard reporting includes the following:

  • Campaign counts for Opens, Sent, and Clicks.

  • Mailing frequency by List.

  • Listings by specific offer response

  • Segmentation reports by Demographics, Response History, Recency & Frequency, and Open activity.

  • Subscriber stats - new, removed, unsubscribed, net growth.

  • Sort reports by any date range up to 30 Days or Calendar Month.

  • Advanced Analytics - breakdown of responsiveness by file attribute.

View an analytic report

Front line managers and creative personnel use this feature to prepare rich html and simple text messages in minutes.  System publishers may use a variety of HTML templates or upload their own custom HTML into the system.  Either way, all response data is tracked and analyzed by the system.

Publishing highly professional looking e-communications content on our system can take as little as 5 minutes.

Our publishing tool includes:

  • 18 Templates for EZ HTML and text messaging

  • Graphics collateral storage facility

  • HTML editor

  • Preview

  • Response-Based Publishing

  • Custom link identification

  • Campaign sharing

Response-Based Publishing:  This feature of our publishing tool allows marketers to pre-program messages based on user responses.  The tool is implemented in many ways by our customers.  It provides automatic reminder messages web seminar registrants, notification that it's time to re-purchase a non-durable good, and "special thank you's" for responding to advertisers product messages.

 View an HTML email created with our Publisher.

Use our forms and survey facility into your website and emails to update user records and conduct research.  User response data is automatically integrated into the database you specify.

Customers use this application to:

  • Capture demographic data for thinly populated databases

  • Perform registrations for events and lists

  • Inquire about any user preference

  • Set meeting times for industry events

  • Quickly populate respondents into their database for immediate follow up.


View an example of a form via our 30 Day Trial Offer









"We use the system to simplify our Newsletter Publishing and Conference
Marketing email projects. What used to take hours now takes minutes. And, we get the added value of analytic

reporting and user access controls when we need it."


  - Catherine Long,

      Director, Online & eMarketing

        Advanstar Communications



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